What is your worst fear when you contemplate getting a loan product in Singapore? Most likely you will spend sleepless nights thinking about the probability of making the wrong choice in picking a lender. With hundreds of lenders in the country, this fear is comprehendible.

Getting the Best Loan Rates

As a conscious borrower, you are cognizant of the fact that nothing is free as you will have to repay this loan. Owing to this, you need to get the most affordable rates in the market in order to make repayment less taxing. The first step in getting the best deal should be using a personal loan calculator.

This is a tool all credible moneylenders provide on their page to enable borrowers to calculate the loan amount they can get. By filling in your income, desired loan amount and loan tenure, you are able to get an estimate of monthly repayments, total loan cost and total interest you will pay by the end of the tenure.

Capitalizing on Loan Directories

To get a more fulfilling loan application experience, you should go further and combine loan comparison platforms with a loan calculator. Basically, these Singapore online loan directories go an extra mile to provide borrowers with crucial details about a particular lender. Such details include personal loan products, features, interest rates and benefits and privileges you will enjoy.

But that’s not all a loan directory page offers you. Take a look at these other advantages of visiting these platforms:

  • Easy loan comparison: There are very many lenders, but on this platform, most of the reliable companies are listed together with their products. As such, you will find it easier to compare different products before ultimately picking the best.
  • Informed loan shopping: By providing a forum where important financial tips are shared, these moneylenders’ directory pages ensure your decisions are based on practical information and not intuition. As such, you will not be ruing your choice of a moneylender a few months down the line.
  • Saving money: When you use a personal loan calculator to evaluate every lender featured on these pages, it becomes easier to pick the one with the most affordable rates. This will save you a lot of money when repaying your loan.
  • Professional lenders: Only licensed, reputable, experienced and recognized moneylenders are featured on loan directories. In a society where unscrupulous lenders still exist under the radar, this gives you peace of mind knowing that your choice of lender is accredited by these directories as a professional company.

Buying a loan should no longer be a cause of mental anguish. Just visit a credible lending directory, pick a lender and use a personal loan calculator to determine their rates. In addition, delve deeper into their services to gauge their suitability.