General Questions

What is your role here in the loan industry?

We ensure that borrowers can be safe from unlicensed money lenders or loan sharks. We work with ONLY legal moneylenders approved by the Ministry of Law (MinLaw) in Singapore for the list of credible and licensed lenders.

How can I be ensure that the lender is the right one for me?

A reliable money lender will take the time and effort to explain the loan application and processing process clearly. The information should be easily accessible on the company’s website and their customer service should be available to answer any questions that you have. If there is anything suspicious about your lender, keep looking lest you fall for a loan shark.

What are the things that I should be looking out for in the loan contract?

Before signing a loan contract, read and ensure everything is clear and the way you discussed it with the lender. This is a legal document that binds both parties to the terms. You should look for hidden charges, verify repayment dates, late interest charges and statement of accounts. A dependable lender will provide a concise contract and follow-up with statements of account receipts when you start repaying.

Do all your loan partners have licensed?

We ONLY work with licensed lenders that are registered with government bodies such as the Ministry of Law (MinLaw) in Singapore. Meaning to say we will be 100% sure and will guarantee you that the money lender we provide your details to has the relevant license.

Loan Questions

How is the interest rates like?

You can therefore be sure of getting the best deals out from the licensed lenders as the interest rate offered by the licensed money lenders is as as low as 1-4% per month. A tip is to look for a money lender who is dedicated to finding you the most affordable rate to guarantee easy repayment.

How or what can I use the money for?

Personal loans can be used to meet financial obligations, such as educational fees, home renovations, car purchase,  medical emergencies or for any other situations. It will also comes in handy for expats or foreigners facing financial issues and need the money to resolved their problems.

I am ready to get a loan now, what should I do?

You can click here to access the online application to submit your personal details, and one of our loan partners will be giving you a call at your available time and convenience.