Managing personal finance and investments is not an easy task. It is hard enough to keep track of all your income and expense, but it is significantly tougher to manage all assets and liabilities in a controlled fashion to improve your financial stability and generate wealth.

Every citizen of Singapore goes through a tedious journey of learning personal finance management. This journey involves a lot of hit and miss and learning from your mistakes. All in all, it is safe to say that without a teacher, or in this case teachers, life can be a nightmare to navigate.

In this piece, we are going to list the best helpful resources, such as websites and blogs, related to personal finance and personal investments.

Learning good personal finance management takes time and you have to test out a few resources before you can settle on a set of specific ones.

Let’s talk about the top 25 most helpful personal finance and investment website and blog resources for Singapore residents.

1. The Woke Salaryman

Woke Salaryman has one specific goal and that is to help the people of Singapore make improved choices when it comes to their finance and life through education. Even if it means differing from conservative ways always taught and approached by previous generations of conservative thinking.

2. SG Budget Babe

The blog Budget Babe is about a regular woman determined to be financially free and reach that financial freedom before the age of 45.

The founder of this blog always looks out for cost-effective ways to live a satisfying life among the increasing cost of Singapore and decided to write about it in hopes to empower fellow people of Singapore to take reins of their own lives along with their finances.

3. Seedly

According to their website, Seedly states that they are the biggest personal finance community in Singapore. Their aim is to help and educate people to make better, smarter decisions when it comes to their financial situation with the right equipment and the right approach.

4. Investment Moats

According to their website, Investment Moats claim that in the stock market investment they are a wealth mentor for people to reach financial independence. Investment Moats is also the longest-running website (since 2005) of Singapore.

5. Re-ThinkWealth

This blog mainly focuses on sharing the ideas and philosophies of the founder around value investing. This actually forces people to reconsider their traditional ways and assumptions regarding wealth and even the traditional approach and definition of value investing.

Founded in the year 2015, it often focuses on sharing analysis, reflections, and precise articles of books, quotes, etc.

6. Money Smart

According to the information provided on their website, the purpose of Money Smart is for Singaporeans to make smart and better decisions by comparing and applying for the financial products that are the best. They claimed that they have helped over 900,000 Singaporeans to find the products that are right for their needs.

7. A Path to Forever Financial Freedom

This is a personal blog run by, Brian Halim. This blog focuses on the journey of Brian whose motivation is to keep a tab on his expedition to achieve financial independence by the age of 35.

8. Financial Horse

The founder of the Financial Horse is a strong believer in Einstein’s quote- “If you can not explain it to six-year-old, you do not understand it yourself.” And so, the aim of Financial Horse is to clarify financial investments. According to the website, Financial Horse exclaims that each and everything on his website is grounded on actual experiences as he is not a believer in recommending products that he will not consider investing in himself.

9. Money Sense

Money Sense is actually Singapore’s national financial education program that started in 2003. Their goal is to help the people of Singapore to handle and manage their money well and make smart decisions regarding their finances on their own.

10. Value Invest Visa

Value Invest Asia is founded by three founders and true to the name, they wanted to focus on those who need to be value investors in Asia. Their main goal was to create the largest community of value investors in Asia.

11. Wealth

According to their website, Dr. Wealth claims to provide financial education to people. Their CEO believes that investing is a skill set that gives returns for life.

12. The Fifth Person

The Fifth Person firmly believes in spreading and telling everyone that a good investment knowledge can help everyone around the globe to secure financial independence and lead far better lives for themselves and the people they care about.

13. Heartland Boy

Heartland Boy is a personal finance website. The goal of the founder is to always ponder how he can progress his literacy regarding finances in order to attain financial independence.

14. A Singaporean Stocks Investor (ASSI)

According to their website, the goal of ASSI is to achieve a more secure financial future in an inexact world by forming a stream of reliable passive income with high profits. AK is one of the most popular and highly followed blogs in Singapore without any doubt.

15. The Asia Report

The Asia Report helps investors by providing financial insights to assist them to make well-informed decisions regarding investments. The founder has over ten years of experience in the financial markets making this highly trusted website.

16. Tree of Prosperity

Cristopher Ng, the owner of the blog Tree of Prosperity regularly blogs and often has really interesting insights to impart. According to his website, it states that growing your tree of prosperity is an introductory investment guide written specifically for people of Singapore who wish to take their first step towards financial independence.

17. Endowus Insight

Licensed by the Monetary Authority of Singapore under the Financial Advisers Act to provide firm advisory services on finances. And the blog Endowus is run by them, which regularly provides great insights.

18. Dollars and sense

The main aim of Dollars and Sense is to help the people of Singapore make better decisions when it comes to finances. They write numerous topics which include insurance, investing, savings, property, and trading.

19. The New Savvy

With the goal of empowering women to reach financial happiness through education, media, and conferences, the New Savvy is a financial, investments, and career platform for women all over Asia.

20. Singsaver

Singsaver is a personal site for finance comparison. Their goal, according to their website is to help people of Singapore find credit cards, personal loans, and other financial products which are easy to use.

21. Lim Der Shing Blog

Lim Der Shing’s blog shares his opinions on the start-up scene in south-east Asia. In these blogs, he ever so often shares his thought process on the stocks he invested in or his overall opinion about the topic.

22. Investing Note

If you are looking for a social network platform for sharing investing/trading ideas on stock markets, then Investing Notes is the place for you. According to their website, they state that they are the largest and most interactive platform in south-east Asia for investors and traders.

23. The Good Investors

The main purpose of The Good Investors is to guide people on how to invest in Stocks. It is being handled by Chong Ser Jing and Jeremy Chia after The Motley Fool Singapore closed in late 2019.

24. Money Owl

Money Owl is a non-commissioned adviser, who provides insurances, investments, online wills writing, and some other kinds of financial planning.

25. PyInvesting

The Aim of PyInvesting is to form extremely profitable investment strategies with a single click of a button. It chiefly offers a back testing solution and also has some interesting data-driven angles to investing in the blog.


Why is personal finance important?

Managing personal finance and investments are integral to a good life today. Long gone are the days where we all had more than what was sufficient and major life milestones such as buying a home required lesser thought. Now, the world has become remarkably more competitive, populated, and complicated. If you are not in control of your finances, everyone from the markets and economy to your employer will have complete control over your life.

That is where personal finance and personal investments come in. Being able to manage your wealth and make suitable changes according to your lifestyle changes is key to ensuring long-term savings and assets.

Why personal finance resources are important?

Personal finance, regardless of its importance, is a pretty difficult beast to tame. You cannot expect to learn all about managing finances, budgeting, expenses and income, assets and liabilities, taxation, credit, and so on overnight, especially when the conventional education system does not even help us get trained in these disciplines.

That is why personal finance resources such as these 25 websites and blogs we listed are important. These are not the only things that are important however, but we know you don’t have all the time in the world.

But if you do happen to have some extra time and a little bit of extra knowledge sounds like a good idea, then we would recommend books (not just Singapore-based, but internationally acclaimed ones such as Rich Dad, Poor Dad), YouTube videos, and courses.

How can these websites and blogs help you?

These websites and blogs are a great place to begin your learning journey. These equip you with information you never had and facts that you knew about but had no clue regarding how to really act on them.

Actionable intelligence is also a little hard to find among all the websites trying to get user attention to their private memberships, subscriptions, courses, and various sales funnels. Authentical, reliable, and free intelligence that we can act on is layered deep within.

We have done the research and come up with this list of 25 websites and blogs that are the ultimate guidance you will ever need.

In conclusion

Managing personal finance and investments does not have to be difficult. It should be something we are taught from childhood, either by parents or our education system. Seeing how none of these sources really teach us about saving and investing in assets, learning about life’s financial truths the hard way is the only way out.

And as such, we have to be eternally thankful to people who are running website and blog resources that help countless people better manage their finances and make more informed monetary decisions.

We owe it to our own future as well as the next generation to better manage our own personal finance right now. Good luck!