Foreigner Loan

If you are working in Singapore for a limited time only or you have attained permanent residency status, you may consider becoming more involved within the community around. As PR, you now have the right to travel freely, own property and work anywhere in the country. While these opportunities are not available to other foreigners, getting a personal loan is possible for any foreigner working in Singapore.

If you are facing a financial emergency, you do not have to get yourself in knots wondering how you are going to raise the cash you need – simply come to Urgent Loan Moneylender Singapore and select the best fitting package from among our diverse foreigner loan packages.

Whether you need a small amount to tide you over until the next paycheck comes in or you need some amount of extra cash to repay over a few months, getting a loan from Urgent Loan Moneylender Singapore can make these situations much easier and make a difference.

Difference between Personal and Foreigner Loans

In truth, the lending packages for a personal loan to a citizen and the one to a foreigner are very similar. We only make a distinction between them because the foreigner loan has a slightly higher rate of interest due to the increased risk of lending to a non-citizen: one may decide to up and leave the country and we will have no way to lay hold of them for instance.

The other difference is that licensed moneylenders require more documentary evidence from a foreigner than a citizen. Since for citizens; most of the information is already stored in the national population databases. For instance, a non-citizen must demonstrate proof of physical address, which is not required from a citizen.

Documentation to provide

As a foreigner, you should submit the following documents with your application:

  • Proof of employment – contract stipulating period and salary
  • Copy of your valid work permit
  • Proof of residence – utility bills, lease agreement etc.
Why use Urgent Loan Moneylender Singapore?
  • Urgent Loan Moneylender Singapore is a long-standing, well-established and licensed money lending institution. We have vast experience in the world of credit. Therefore, we are at the best position to assist you in your exact set of circumstances.
  • We process and approve loan applications quickly, and therefore the ideal option if you have an emergency or need cash in the shortest time possible. This is better than having to borrow from family or friends who may be in your home country and having to wait for days before the money is cleared
  • As a new person in the country, you may not have made friends close enough to ask for funds from them, and your employer may not be able to help. That’s why Urgent Loan Moneylender Singapore foreigner loan would be your best option, we’re available for you all the time and for any reason.